You’ve finally decided to launch your dream business and wondering where do I start? In this post, I will speak about one essential element to consider even before you launch, a game-changer for your business. I invite you to build a personal brand instead of a business. Now you might have heard of personal branding at work and how to sell yourself as the expert. What I encourage you to do for your business is more than selling yourself as an expert and use what a personal brand embodies to the full. When you launch as a solo entrepreneur, you have the edge over larger businesses where it’s far more challenging to create a strong identity. For sure they have an army of publicist and designers to spread the right message. But you have the edge in your business by just being YOU.

What is your personal brand?

Your personal brand is you. Having a clear, concise vision for your personal brand based on your personality and values is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself in a saturated market. Create your personal brand from authenticity, your values, drive it from the heart. You want to have clarity about the individual beliefs and benefits you are providing to your clients. Also who you are as a person. I recently read an Instagram post that the world doesn’t need another Tony Robbins or Gary V, the world needs you. That’s so true, make it your mantra! Show who you’re in your business, be you. By being authentic you will invite people to engage with you. Your personal brand is the sum of your style, personality, how you want to serve your clients and show up into the world. Don’t change anything.

How to use its magic in your business

Use the full power of your brand in your business. Being you is the best card to play in business and the biggest differentiator. There will be people who sell the same thing as you, maybe not exactly but similar. You personal brand is what will make you stand out. Take time to a build relationship with your audience, be memorable for who you are and the experience YOU give to your clients. Create a tribe around your personal brand to serve, educate, give as much as you can before bombarding them with a sales pitch and then offer the sale based on the trust they now have for you. 

Be vulnerable

I can hear you saying what? I get you coming from the corporate world where you have to hide every inch of your vulnerability; it may sound strange. What your audience wants is identify with you, connect with the human, not just the person behind the business and vouch for you in difficult moments. Create an emotional connection with your audience by being open don’t hide behind a smokescreen and pretend everything is like in a fairy tale; no one will believe you, would you?

Show yourself

As the face of your brand, you want to show yourself, show the process behind the brand, tell a story of how you interact with clients. Make sure you have photographs  of yourself on your website and social media profiles. Use stories and live videos to engage with your audience; this is your opportunity to connect and ask them feedback about how to serve them better.

Tell a story and show yourself in situations.  For creatives, lifestyle entrepreneurs and boutique business, you can be much less formal with your profile portraits. When having  a personal branding photoshoot think about telling a story rather than standing still, have a shot of you in action, and you will have more than one image to show on your website and social media. Put yourself in a situation, e.g. when you’re in your workshop, chatting with clients, sharing how you can help and inspire them. It will not only show value but also communicate authenticity!

When revealing yourself, you’re inviting your ideal client to know you better, giving them an idea of how your enthusiasm/ smile/ warmness will help them move their business forward! Elevate your brand by being adventurous with your photography move away from the traditional polished image show more of yourself and your unique style!

Use the full power of your personal brand to stand out, by having a personal brand when someone buys from you they are are buying what your brand embodies as well, how your brands aligns with them and their values. They’re in it for the whole experience, make sure you give them an amazing one, but I’m already sure of that as you’re amazing. 

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