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You had a business idea on your agenda let’s say for ages and never really took action. Why? I could give you a list of reasons, obviously, you’re busy. You have a great career and are juggling a family. For you, setting up your business sounds like being too selfish, like are you kidding me! Leaving a job like yours does look crazy. So yes even if this idea has been nagging you over and over again you’ve just dusted it off under the carpet. Until now! Ok, lady let me tell you, I entirely get you, because I’ve been there, for years I knew that my place was not in the corporate world and still decided not to follow my heart, because I was after the status of working for famous companies, from the airline industry to finance and having job security (yeah not really but still). It gave me the ability to say I do X and work for Y companies, which put me at the same level as everybody else around me, even at a higher level than the middle-class environment I came from. This was super boosting for my ego, inside though? I was torn why? Because I had to adapt to a system I hated, I’m definitely a freedom seeker, the only way for me not to be stuck in front of a desk 9-5 was to work in sales. While I had some wonderful jobs at companies that were a good culture fit for me, I ended up working for companies that were in it for the kill, full-on cut throat sales culture it was hell! What did I do? I quit, my health and sanity were more important than anything else. I started a new chapter as an entrepreneur, a very a bumpy road indeed but it led me where I am today sharing my insights, experience and knowledge as a business coach for you who want to start a business.

While I encourage you not to quit your job yet, I want you to have an honest look at yourself and think why you still haven’t accomplished your dream of launching a business? What is holding you back?

What does launching a business mean?

Of course, launching a business is far from easy, what you will miss most from your corporate job structure is indeed a support network and I strongly encourage you to develop a support network even before you launch your business. Launching a business at the beginning can mean working 7 days a week, with very little time for yourself or family. I certainly do not want you to neglect yourself or your family but you have to be ready for it. You will feel a strong sense of overwhelm when you start, especially as a solo entrepreneur and have to keep your determination going not quitting at the first hurdle. You also have to be willing to learn a lot of new systems, email list, setting up a website, systems integrations, process, social media and so on. If you think you have a plan and are in control be prepared to overthrow the plan and start again. Launching your own business can look very sexy on paper, wait for it to get messy. Get ready to show yourself, there’s no way as a personal brand that you’re going to hide behind the business (another blog post). Your personal brand is what’s gonna set you apart from your competition, show yourself in photos as well videos and reach out to influencers to spread the word about your brand. I guess this is not what you wanted to hear, but keep reading.

What type of business?

If you have been boiling this business idea for years you must have a pretty good idea of what you want to do. Years of expertise in your job will give you the edge of selling your services as a consultant or as a business coach, you might have other ideas in mind though. Having clarity about you want to do and who you want to serve Is the first step you need to define before you start. Nothing stops you to do some market research, around you, develop your network on LinkedIn, work through your connections, ask people in the same type of business. You want a business with a purpose and is making a difference, what is the difference you want to make? If you don’t a clear idea yet continue exploring but don’t use that as an excuse not to start. We all know that “action is the fundamental key to success”. If you don’t start, nothing will happen for sure.

Why now?

Yes, why now? We are going through very uncertain times but working from home being stuck in lockdown might have given you a lot more time to think about your future. What does your future look like? Can you see yourself going back to the office on the commuter belt every other day? No? That is your motivation to start looking into other directions, exploring opportunities. You might be able to work from home which will give precious commuting time to think about what’s next for you, explore this business idea further. Entering a recession doesn’t mean the end of opportunities a lot of famous influencers launched after the recession in 2008 and have been going steady since. Look at the Amy Porterfield, Mary Forleo, Carrie Green, Fabienne Frederickson. If you really want to go for it I can tell you now deciding to launch a business is like deciding to have a child is never the right moment anyway so just go for it. I hope you’ve found these insights helpful, stay tuned for next week where I help you with where to start.

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