Hello, Lovelies,

It’s so great to connect with you each week, and I hope that you are enjoying these weekly posts. I have also started to create a weekly video of these posts that you can listen to on IGTV and Youtube ( published every Thursday).

Last week I spoke about why now is the best time to start a business, if we follow the logic this week I will help you get started. My intention is not for you to quit your job tomorrow but start thinking about what if and give you the tools to get started. So where do you start?

The idea – project

This ideas of launching as a solo entrepreneur has been harassing you for ages? Why because it’s something that you have at heart, this business is not just a business you’re on a mission to make a difference and help someone else transform, make more money or save time.

You are clear on your idea where do you go next? The first step. Write it down on paper, put in exact words what you will do to serve others. Let’s do it now.

What does it look like, do you believe in it? Great, I want you to create a folder on google docs or your laptop and start building a case for your business. Now that you’re clear on this idea, write down what a typical week will look like when you’re working in the business? What will you be doing every day, where will the money come from?

Write a 60s pitch about what you do, who you serve and why. You know what I’m going to ask you next? I want you to test it out, ideally, speak to the people who will be your clients. Speak to people who already do what you want to. It will not only teach you a lot even before you launch but build a network.

Set a timeline

Create a calendar for the next 90 days. For the steps to take to launch your business. i.e. choosing a name building a website, buying a domain name, copywriting, creating an editorial calendar for consistently putting content out there. Create a rough road map about the steps you need to take, like project management with specific dates by when you need to have completed each task before you move on to the next. Allocate yourself time off with your family, and wellbeing add it into your calendar.

Don’t expect overnight success.

I will tell it bluntly; I’m more than fed up with people promising that I will get clients paying me 10k without a flinch just out of the blue. Business is built around a solid brand, building relationship with your audience. People buy from people they know, love and trust, and it will take time to build your audience. You will achieve this by being consistent, give out a clear message of what you do and who you are for and having a strong brand identity. I understand that you would like it to work fast to validate the choice you’ve made and proving to the people who doubted you that you can do it. Trust yourself don’t let your ego overtake and push you to spend more money craving overnight success; this is not how it works. You have to trust yourself on this one.

What do you need most Money or mindset to succeed?

If you are reading this far, you know that I will tell you mindset is the winner! Yes, I will choose  mindset over Money anytime. Why here are the reasons why? And what I mean is being in the right attitude. You want a purpose and a why behind your business. What you want is making a difference, and you know that this is key for you. Having drive and determination behind you without even having the Money, will pull you into finding solutions to put your business in front of the right audience, you will reach out to influencers, get articles published, build a support network to have the right connections.

If you have the money, then great and you need a minimum of funds to launch a business for sure. What I want to say is that if you have the funds, you get lazy, seeking quick fixes solutions, buying another online programme that promises you to find clients overnight, staying cosy and thinking that rebuilding your website. Changing your branding is the answer. It’s not. Think about it, nobody knows you, why would they buy from you? You want this business to work, so get out there, reach out, make a list of people you want to be invited on their podcast, teach workshops, create consistent content with blogs posts and video. Get your name out there and build that personal brand. So that your ideal clients will want to work with you because they know that you are the right person to solve their problem. I’ve learned this one the hard way, no one is looking for you, you have to get in front of the right audience!

Here’s a list of resources to help you get started


(Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost for you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase).

CANVA.COM perfect to design all your visual content graphics for blog posts and social media

TAILWIND great tool to schedule posts on Pinterest and Instagram, join a tribe to get more re-shares on Pinterest

PLANOLY great tool to schedule your Instagram posts and stories

CREATIVE MARKET a market place to buy templates for your blog posts and social media visuals

ACUITY SCHEDULING an online appointment booking system to offer free consultation and booking appointment the automated way

DUBSADO Business management software to automate your workflow, contract, invoicing and so much more, helping you keep your sanity in the process!

TRELLO Boards to keep track of your work and planning all in one place

ASANA a work management platform

CLICKUP an amazing tools with combines the tools of Trello, Asana,

MICROSOFT TO DO Never forget anything again write it down and set a reminder!

ZAPIER is an amazing tools that helps to connects apps, i.e. connecting your Facebook ads leads to directly into your mailing list.


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