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You might have a business but it’s not a brand yet! And you are missing out!

How many sales opportunities have you missed?

by not having a personal brand? By not having a personal brand you are lacking authority, your message gets lots and even if your ideal client finds you they might not understand that you are ideal for them, they don’t understand your value and will give you a miss!

With a personal brand, you can charge more have fewer hassle clients 

Go from a screenplay concept to a solid outline, to have a solid brand with a compelling story and start serving your ideal audience you’re in the right place.

Launch your signature brand Bootcamp has the tutorials, community, you need to get launch or relaunch your brand!


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Let’s put it another way

Learning how to set up a brand that stands out

and is unique to who you are feels like climbing the Kilimanjaro right now!

So confusing, there’s so much information out there. You’re looking for more than choosing colours and fonts for your brand and want to use branding to make an impact with your business.

Your folders are full of freebies but where do you start?? 

I was in your position trying to sort my way through 100 freebies and online classes to launch my brand. I was a serial information gatherer! After taking zillions of online courses, working with coaches, building a few brands of mine. You can learn from my experience to save yourself all the hassle I have been trough. I figured it out for you! 

Launch your signature brand in no time and have a professional, trust worthy and loveable brand. Your audience can’t wait to see what you have to offer, by taking this bootcamp you’re definitely a step closer!

How does this compare with your current strategy?

What time frame have you put in place? How confident are you starting tomorrow?

What you want is 

A powerhouse brand, not just a business

A proven strategy that guides you gets you to do the work

Transform your business into strong brand

Attracts the right audience, 

Getting more sales conversion and 

Building up your confidence.

No spending hours looking for the perfect logo and pretty fonts.

You are ready to put the work in, and completing the worksheets along with the lectures.
I’m here to help you to make it happen! You’ll have guidance and strategy to transform your business into a  powerhouse brand!

Your Teacher

Queen of serial entrepreneuship

having set up a few personal brands myself at the time of the eCommerce revolution (from jewellery shop to clothing).
Mentored Women Entrepreneurs in developing countries via the Cherie Blair Foundation. In the last 10 years, I acquired a lot of experience about transforming a business into a personal brand, have developed my personal brand and trained as a coach.
My mission is to help your small businesses transform into a personal brand so that you can charge more and align with your ideal client unlike getting lost in a crowded market. Because what you want is a sustainable business with your name as a brand powerhouse behind it.

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