Where do I start?

It all starts with a complementary phone consultation to understand how I can help you and what you’re after. Book one here

How long is the one to one session?

Each session includes an hour minutes of going over your life/business then we dive deeper into the goals set and actions to take for each week.

What is the minimum number of sessions?

The Signature brand package involves a 3 months minimum commitment. If you want a taster session you can opt for a  90 minutes video call to help you get unstuck. Learn more about packages here

Coaching is not

Is not mentoring. Coaching helps you moving forward, work on a specific goal in business , I give you  guidance to create your business and brand. You will be committed to do the work.  

Who do you serve

I guide women who had a business dream inside them, they have been putting off for years, to create a ready to launch business with a powerhouse brand. So they can finally be free, follow their purpose and earn more money than ever before.


What is your expertise in coaching and mentoring?

Rachel business & life coach

I mentored Women Entrepreneurs in developing countries via the Cherie Blair Foundation.

In the last four years, working as a personal branding photographer, I gained a lot of insight about transforming a business into a personal brand, trained as a coach and developed my personal brand.

I graduated as a Life Coach from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Are you planning to offer online courses and programme?.

I have launched my education platform where you can learn more. I also offer a VIP day to transform your business into a brand in a day and a 3 months package to work on your business. Learn more about future programmes here

What's in it for me?

Are you ready to transform yourself, your business? I’m here to guide you, make you accountable. You are looking to work with a coach who is not afraid to call you on your excuses and talk business numbers.

Does location matter

All our conversation and sessions will take place via zoom. No location doesn’t matter!

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