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Comparison – the killer of joy!

Keep focused on what make you and your business unique.

No matter what stage you are at in your entrepreneurial journey you’re likely to find that you go through phases of comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, or your business to other businesses. For every business owner the journey is completely unique, and this is often what makes our brand – our own personal story and journey – compelling but all too often we are keen to cover this up, to appear more like the businesses that we admire.

Find Inspiration, not comparison

Other peoples’ journey’s should be a source of inspiration. When we feel inspired by someone or something, we feel positive and motivated, whereas when we directly compare ourselves, we feel the complete opposite. Find the balance in drawing positives from those that you find inspiring. Instead of focusing on just one or two businesses, or direct competitors, keep your eye out for people and companies that encompass elements that motivate you. Avoid spending a long time analysing individuals and companies, instead consider creating an ‘inspired vision’ Pinterest board, and pin ideas that come from lots of different people and businesses.

There’s a fine line between feeling inspired and comparing yourself to others. When you stay on the right side of that line, your creativity flows, and you feel empowered by those around you, and motivated to continue on your own entrepreneurial journey.

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